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Nanchang Edward Technology Co., Ltd.
Custom manufacturer
Main categories: Egg Incubator/ Automatic Egg Incubator/ Egg Hatching Machine, Chick Brooder/ Heating Plate, Automatic Coop Door
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Wonegg HOUSE 10/25 Eggs Incubator&Automatic Coop Door Listed(September-October,2023)


Thanks for R&D Team, Wonegg new incubator & new product coop door is coming to meet markets' requirments.

Now they're the new trending models in Amazon market.

If you're searching for something new , that will be the best choice.


Light The Life, Warm The House.



Created A Love Nest For Your Chicks.


Automatic Coop Door To Keep Pets'Safety&Comfortable.


Wonegg M12/M16 Eggs Incubator Listed(September-October,2022)


After 1 years preparation,Wonegg M12&M16 eggs incubator finally listed.

In nearly one year ,it has been the most popular model in Amazon,and sold 5000pcs every month.

The best choice for small batch incubation.




Wonegg Little Train 8 Eggs Incubator Listed(6th,June,2022)


A journey of life starts from the "warm train". Departure station of the train is the starting point of life. Born on the life train, and rush forward in this vivid scene.

The journey is full of challenges, dreams, and hopes.

"Little Train" is a small incubator toy product. Taking children's curiosity about life enlightenment as an exploration point, cultivate children's reverence for life.

The design keypoints are based on science and toys to reflect a cute, funny, functional and practical product attribute. Visually present a shape of a little train, making the product more warm, cute and fashionable.






HHD Artificial 1000 Egg Incubator Listed (Updated on 6th,May 2022)


As per popularity of Chinese red 1000 eggs incubator,we listed 2000 eggs capacity now.Cheers!

All the team are pround of it and excited to share the good news with all of our partners.

It features with auto egg cooling function,roller egg tray,silicon heating system,anti burning water tank design etc.

Take it to expand your incubator business now.And welcome to click bellowing to know more.









HHD team are back from CNY holiday,feel free to contact.

Roller egg tray is new trend in incubator market.Cause it is able to fit various egg type including chicks,duck,goose,

quails,snake etc.High transparency lid ensure full and constant internal visibility,without ever having to open the cover.

External water refilling cut down the humidity loss during hatching.

For more details,contact HHD team now.






HATCHERY EGGS(Updated on 20th.Nov 2021)


Hatchery egg means fertilized eggs for incubation.Hatchery eggs should be fertilized eggs.But it does not 

mean every fertilized eggs can be hatched.Hatching result can be different from egg condition.For being a good hatchery egg,

mother chick need to be under good nutritious state.Also,eggs should be incubated before 7 days passed after laid out.It is better to keep at the place with temperature of 10-16℃ and 70% humidity avoiding direct ray of light before 

start incubation.Eggs with cracks on eggshell,abnormal shape or eggs with contaminated eggshell are not good at hatchery eggs.

Fertilized egg is a egg laid by mating a hen and a cock.So,it can become a chicken.
Unfertilized egg is an egg we generally eat.As an unfertilized egg is laid by a hen alone,

it can not become a chicken.




For more detail,check link pls.

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